• William Robertson

    William Robertson

    Associate Professor

    William joined Khoury College in Fall 2011, is a founding member of the Northeastern Cybersecurity and Privacy Institute, and is the PI of the Diverge Lab.

  • Ioannis Agadakos

    Research Scientist

    Ioannis is a research scientist with the lab who received his Ph.D. from Stevens Institute of Technology with Georgios Portokalidis. His research interests include binary code analysis, location privacy, and machine learning for security.

  • Andrew Fasano

    Ph.D. Candidate

    Andrew joined the Ph.D. program in Fall 2018, and is an MIT Lincoln Lab Scholar. His research interests include rehosting of embedded devices and fuzz testing.

  • Joshua Bundt

    Ph.D. Student

    Josh joined the Ph.D. program in Fall 2018 and is on loan from West Point. His research interests include novel fuzz testing techniques and fuzzer evaluation.

  • Michael Davinroy

    Ph.D. Student

    Michael joined the lab in Fall 2020. His research interests include machine learning for security.