Welcome Ioannis!

Ioannis Agadakos joins the lab as a research scientist. Ioannis comes to us from SRI, where he worked on a number of topics including binary code analysis and location privacy.

Welcome Michael!

Michael Davinroy joins the lab in Fall 2020 as a Ph.D. student.

Announcing the Diverge Lab

We would like to announce the formation of the Diverge Lab, a new cybersecurity research group at Northeastern University.

The name of this new lab was chosen for several reasons. To diverge is to split off from an established path or direction, and so captures the idea of discovery by setting off towards uncharted territory. But, divergence also has other meanings specific to particular fields.

For instance, in psychology the term “divergent thinking” was coined to describe the process of generating ideas in a spontaneous, non-linear manner. This sort of unrestricted brainstorming should be familiar to most people engaged in research or other creative endeavors.

In computer science, divergence also has a special meaning, referring to a non-terminating computation. While this is typically seen as an undesirable outcome, one can also take some poetic license and view this instead as a representation of relentless productive effort.

Regardless of the name, the lab builds on a long history of novel research published in top security venues. We look forward to continuing this tradition in the years ahead!